U.S. Hot Spots for Energy-Efficient Home Technology

U.S. Hot Spots for Energy-Efficient Home Technology

Cities with a lot of environmentally friendly home features don't necessarily have the smallest carbon footprint. Of the 100 largest U.S. cities, San Jose, CA has the greatest percentage of home listing descriptions with energy-efficient terms – such as "solar panel" and "wind power" – but the fifth-largest carbon footprint, according to Zillow research.

Sacramento and Fresno, CA also have a large percentage of homes with energy-efficient technology, but a high carbon footprint.

On the flip side, Buffalo, NY has the smallest carbon footprint, but only three percent of home listings feature energy-efficient terms.

Other cities with low carbon footprints include Miami, Washington D.C. and New York City, all of which have a low percentage of homes with energy efficient tech.

Energy-efficient technology is popular with millennials and West Cost homeowners, and could be catching on as a trend in some of the places that need it most.

Homes with these features also tend to be priced at a premium. The median list price of homes with energy-efficient technology is 62 percent higher than homes without.

Here are the cities with the greatest percentage of homes featuring energy-efficient terms and the cities with the smallest carbon footprint.

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Cities with Greatest Percentage of Home Listings With Energy-Efficient Terms

City % of Listings With Energy-Efficient Terms Average Carbon Footprint
San Jose, CA 24.1 53.4
Sacramento, CA 14.2 39.6
Fresno, CA 14.2 40.9
Chula Vista, CA 12.6 43.2
Riverside, CA 12.3 45.6

Cities with the Smallest Carbon Footprint

City % of Listings With Energy-Efficient Terms Average Carbon Footprint
Buffalo, NY 2.5 33.5
New York, NY 2.7 35.7
Miami, FL 7 35.9
Newark, NJ 0.6 36.7
Washington, D.C. 3.1 37.4


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