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Picking the right Riverside Il real estate agent.

riverside il real estate agentBuying or selling a home isn’t a simple task — especially if you’ve never done it before.  While there are numerous online resources such as Zillow, Trulia and Realtor, the majority of home buyers and sellers in the real estate market today are relying on a real estate agent when making this major life decision.

According to research done by Realtors.org, younger home buyers i.e millennial home buyers, are more likely to want an agent to assist them during the home buying or home selling process because they’ve never done it before.  However, they’re looking for Riverside Il real estate agents who align with their modern consumer mindsets.  One of the most important traits that young buyers are looking for in an agent is that they are willing to communicate via texting or email.

Here are some of the most important things to remember when looking for a Riverside Il real estate agent:

It’s all about the handshake

Ok, this isn’t literal, but it is about the Realtor’s confidence and competence.  If you’re new to the real estate world, you probably have a ton of questions.  You’ll want a real estate agent who is confident in their answers and knowledgeable about their market.

Do some investigation

The best way to get a feel for your new Riverside Il real estate agent is to either read their online reviews or talking with their previous clients.  Some great questions to keep in mind while reading through their reviews are:

  • Was the client impressed or disappointed by the agents work?
  • Were they pleased with the amount that their home was sold for?
  • Were they pleased with how quickly the agent sold their home?
  • How did they feel about the relationship with the agent?

Look at their designations, experience, and awards

When it comes to the Riverside Il real estate game, the right experience, credentials, and awards are important.  You’ll want to see real estate experience like Agnes Halmon’s.

  • CSC – Certified Staging Consultant
  • President’s Circle Elite Award
  • Regional Rookie of the Year 2009 – Rising Star Award
  • Part of an elite Relocation Network.  Agnes can help buyers and sellers get real estate help in areas outside of the areas she works.

Make sure they really know the local real estate market

The trick to knowing if your Riverside Realtor is in the know is to ask about other properties in the area.  A knowledgeable agent will have feelers out all over the market and will not just be focused on their own properties.  If your agent is able to give some details about other properties that are out there, you can rest assured that they are playing both offense and defense.

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Finding the best real estate agent is your first step in your home buying and home selling journey.  Choose a Realtor like Agnes Halmon who will guide you in the right direction and will make the real estate process significantly less stressful and more fun.  Agnes is your smart choice for all of your Riverside Il real estate needs.