Best Reasons to Buy A House in 2017

riverside il real estate agent on buying in 2017

Riverside IL Realtor Gives Best Reasons to Buy in 2017

riverside il real estate agent on buying in 2017

Whether you are just starting a family or looking to downsize, if the time has come to buy a house, the timing is good. The housing market has been recovering steadily making 2017 a great time to buy. Understanding the condition of the market is a necessary service for Riverside IL real estate agent Agnes Halmon. Enjoy some of the following benefits of buying in 2017.

Rising Rent

That’s right, rent is on the rise in the US. Keep in mind the financial dynamics of renting. Every penny you pay out, goes into someone else’s pocket. This is not an investment you are making. In fact, you are helping someone else to invest. As rates increase, it’s more money that goes out that you will not see again. Helping renters transition to investing is a significant service offered by Riverside IL Realtor Agnes Halmon. If you are in a position to buy, do it in 2017.

Interest Rates

This is perhaps one of the best reasons to buy a house in 2017. Interest rates are at a significant low point compared to many years past. The fluctuation of interest rates is continual and very unpredictable. Therefore, when they are good, it means its time to buy. For help in the buying process contact Riverside IL real estate agent Agnes Halmon.

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Home Prices Stabilizing

When the prices of homes is stabilizing, it is a good time to buy. It is possible that the housing market might be coming to a plateau after a period of stabilizing. This could mean that interest rates will be affected in such a way that no longer works in such favor for the buyer. That home you really want, and can currently afford, could be out of reach in time. Serving as a Riverside IL Realtor for many years has revealed that the market is unpredictable. Of course, no one knows the future, however, we are able to track trends and make reasonable predictions. When prices are evening out, it is a good time to buy.

Options for a Down Payment

Another reason to buy a home in 2017 is simply the amount of options you have regarding the down payment. Many people think that in order to buy a house you need a 20% down payment. This is highly beneficial, however, there are a number of options out there if you do not have this amount saved. You can find programs that offer as little as 3.5% down as long as you purchase mortgage insurance. For options in your area, contact a local real estate agent. If you are considering buying in or around Chicago, contact Riverside IL real estate agent Agnes Halmon for all your real estate needs!

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