Controlling Your Kitchen with Your Smart Phone

la grange realtor on kitchen tech

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la grange realtor on kitchen tech

Living in the technological age has taken the comforts of home to a whole new level. With just the touch of a button, you can check the status of your turkey in the oven, change the mood in the room, and even make coffee. As the holidays approach you can simplify your cooking efforts with the use of your smartphone enabling you to spend more time with your guests. Enjoy the following tech products for your kitchen to make your hosting preparations easier.

Morning Coffee

How about a coffee maker that starts with an app on your phone. Schedule a time for the coffee to brew in the morning or if you want to sleep longer, delay the brew till later. Several brands of coffee equipment are coming up with ways to utilize technology to make your life easier.

Smart Refrigerator

What else can possibly be done to innovate a refrigerator? You might be surprised. Samsung created a refrigerator that has a camera inside. It can take a picture of the contents of your fridge so you can see what is there. This means that you can be shopping and look inside your refrigerator to determine what you need to buy. Some modern refrigerators will also let you know when you are running low on eggs. In addition to these features, you can now be notified when food expires, receive ideas for recipes, and listen to music. By setting up an account with certain grocers you can also reorder food right from your refrigerator when you run out.

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Time to Cook

One popular item for cooking is the wireless thermometer. By monitoring the temperature of your meat from your phone you don’t have to worry about checking it manually. As if that isn’t easy enough, by cooking with a precision cooker you won’t have to worry about checking it at all. This device allows you to set it and literally walk away. It will let you know when it’s done. Crock pots have also been innovated with the ability to turn them up or down via your smartphone. Running late home from work? Just open up your app and turn the slow cooker to low.

The Kitchen Sink

One last tech feature of the kitchen to note is the motion-sensored faucet. This is a great way to keep your kitchen clean and save on water as well. Have you ever had to turn on the faucet with your elbow because your hands had something all over them? That’s no longer a problem with this innovated faucet.

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