Understanding Home Warranty

home warranty help from la grange park il realtor

La Grange Park IL Realtor on Home Warranty

home warranty help from la grange park il realtor

Who do you call when things break around the house? First time home buyers will remember picking up the phone to contact the landlord whenever problems arose. Now, you are that person. Being a homeowner means being responsible for the maintenance on every part of your house. But what about fixing the water heater when it goes out in the middle of winter? This is where getting a home warranty comes into play. La Grange Park IL Realtor Agnes Halmon provides the information regarding whether or not you should get a home warranty for all those unexpected homeowner occurrences.

Home Warranty Defined

A home warranty acts very much like insurance. You pay anywhere from three hundred dollars to a thousand dollars a year to cover the repairs of any system in your house that breaks. So, when the dishwasher just stops working, you can contact your home warranty company and they will help you with the service providers necessary to get the problem fixed. The price of your warranty will cover all the costs, except a small co-pay in some cases. Working as a La Grange Park IL REALTOR has provided many opportunities to help new home buyers get acclimated to home-ownership.

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Should You Get a Home Warranty?

If you have enjoyed the perk of calling your landlord to fix your maintenance issues, a home warranty might be for you. Perhaps you don’t have much in savings for unexpected expenses. In this case, a home warranty is a good idea. If your lifestyle is very busy, limiting the time it takes to maintain a home, you might consider getting a home warranty. Each situation is different, but the factors to consider are time, money, and skill when it comes to maintenance issues. As a real estate agent in La Grange Park IL, helping buyers navigate options that are best for their specific circumstances is one way of serving them well. One last consideration when deciding if a home warranty is for you is if many of the systems in your new home are reaching their life expectancy. The inspection will reveal this information for you. In the case that many appliances are on their way out, you might want to get a home warranty.

Final Thoughts

As with many aspects of the buying process, choosing whether or not to get a home warranty depends on your specific circumstances. This is why it is important to use a La Grange Park IL real estate agent that has your interests as their number one priority. There are so many decisions to make when buying a home making the advice of a qualified professional well worth the investment. For help buying your next home, contact La Grange Park IL Realtor Agnes Halmon.

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