Is An Open House Beneficial?

open house benefits from la grange park il realtor

Reasons for an Open House | La Grange Park IL Realtor

open house benefits from la grange park il realtor

The internet has changed almost every industry imaginable and real estate is no exception. With the capability to see most aspects of a home and learn about many details, the idea of having an open house can seem unnecessary. Despite these factors it is helpful to utilize an open house in many cases. Find out some of the pros and cons from experienced La Grange Park IL real estate agent Agnes Halmon.

Money Over Time

One reason that hosting an open house is a good idea is simply that it costs very little and some benefit will be had. A good real estate agent will have an internet presence they will be able to utilize to market your home. They will be able to use this to advertise the open house as well. In this case, there can be little to no cost at all for the event. This means that your only expenditure is time. A solid marketing strategy will include multiple avenues. As a real estate agent in La Grange Park IL including all forms of exposure for a house on the market is important.

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An Opportunity to Stand Out

When home buyers look for a home they will often visit several on the market  in the same day. Use your open house to highlight the features of your home that stand out. Make a statement in such a way that your home is remembered at the end of the day. Working as a La Grange Park IL real estate agent has presented many opportunities to help sellers put their best foot forward when showcasing their homes.

Homes Are Sold

In general, only about three to seven percent of homes are sold as a direct result of an open house. The good news is that three to seven percent of homes are sold because of an open house! In other words, it still works. The truth is that there is no magic formula to selling a home. One strategy might work in one market and fail in another. Why not utilize as much as possible? For help selling your home, contact La Grange Park IL REALTOR Agnes Halmon.

The Ripple Affect

It is true that many, if not most, of the people that come to your open house aren’t serious about buying. However, everyone that comes has a social network. One observation as a La Grange Park IL Realtor is that even if someone isn’t interested in buying, someone that they know might be. You can also bolster this affect by providing benefits for sharing your listing on social media. Word of mouth is still a significant way that information spreads. For more information on everything real estate, contact La Grange Park IL real estate agent Agnes Halmon today!

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