Tips to Maximize Your Upsize

realtor in brookfield il helps with upsizing

Making Use of Too Much Space | Brookfield Real Estate Agents

realtor in brookfield il helps with upsizing

Moving into a new phase of life by buying a home is an exciting experience. Dreaming about the future, decorating  a new home with your personality, and enjoying all new features is a great time in life. Yet, there are always challenges that come with changes. One aspect of upsizing that can be difficult is deciding what to do with all the new space. Granted, this is a good problem, but one that needs attention nonetheless. Here are a few options outlined by professional Brookfield IL Realtor Agnes Halmon.

What Not To Do

Some studies indicate that the millennial generation will purchase larger homes than past generations. Given this, it is important to have a plan for how to manage space in a way that enhances quality of life and prevents problems down the road. First time home buyers are less aware of the fact that people tend to accumulate stuff over time. One thing not to do is to buy furniture just to fill up space.  Instead of walking around the furniture store while thinking about the rooms of your house, start with the rooms themselves. Talk about the immediate purpose of the room, as well as, longterm goals. For example, that extra bedroom might be a great guest room until that first child arrives. By establishing the goal of each room first, you’ll be less likely to regret furniture decisions down the road.

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So Much Space, So Little Furniture

What do you do when the amount or size of the furniture for your living room is not enough to fill the space? One idea is simply to move it away from the walls towards the center of the room. This can bring a room together especially with a well-placed rug. By creating a cozy living area within the room and leaving the space to the perimeter the living room you can have minimal furniture yet still have a room that is warm and inviting.

Another idea is to add decorative features that both fill space and make it more dynamic. Try a bench in the entry, a vase display in the corner of the dining area, or a standing coat rack by the front door.

Consider Multi-Purpose Rooms

One thing you don’t want to do is to use a room as storage. The reason for this is because it is likely to stay that way. Instead, determine a purpose for it even if it is for a short time. Put a few pieces of exercise equipment in it until you can decide what to do. You can also choose a couple purposes and test them out to see what fits your lifestyle better. Put a desk and a treadmill in there and see which you use more of over time.

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For more help finding your next home contact Brookfield IL real estate agent Agnes Halmon.

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