Improving the Kitchen with Unique Ideas

kitchen ideas from brookfield illinois real estate agent

Brookfield Illinois Real Estate Agent on Unique Kitchen Ideas

kitchen ideas from brookfield illinois real estate agent

When selling your home it is a good idea to think through ways to add value. The kitchen is one room that is prized by buyers. Yet, you do not have to do a complete makeover to increase the desirability of this room. In fact, creative and unique ideas sometimes surpass traditional upgrades. Here are a few neat ideas about increasing the attractiveness of your kitchen from Brookfield Illinois real estate agent Agnes Halmon.

Wine Anyone?

How about a wine refrigerator in the kitchen island? Not only does this add storage, but it sets a certain atmosphere in the kitchen. You’ll also save room in your refrigerator. When you are preparing your home for the market you’ll want to appeal to the most amount of buyers as possible. As a Brookfield IL real estate agent, thinking through how to prepare a house to help buyers envision it as their home is useful.

Let’s Get Cookin’

Purchasing a home means a whole new lifestyle. For buyers that value hosting, another set of burners might have some appeal. Installing a cooktop on the kitchen island invites others to help out in the kitchen and makes large meals all the more fun. Along the same lines, an extra sink can also be a good idea. Careful with this one if you value space, however. Installing a sink means pipes below. To determine the types of buyers in your area consult your local real estate agent. For help selling in or around Brookfield IL contact Brookfield IL Realtor Agnes Halmon.

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Island Storage

Another creative idea is to turn your kitchen island into a place of storage. Use shelves for books, glass cabinets for dishes, or even a creative space for pots and pans. One word of caution, however, is to think about how often the items in that storage will be used. No use wearing out your back reaching for a frying pan several times a day. As a Brookfield Illinois real estate agent serving buyers, it is clear that storage space is high on the preference list.

Extra Seating

One last creative idea for an upgrade to your kitchen is to include some more seating. Bar stools around an island are nice, but can be cumbersome during meal times. A booth is an interesting touch that might wow some buyers. It gives a coffee shop feel, which can be appealing – especially to young buyers. This will take up space, however, so it is not recommended in a small kitchen. For more help preparing your home to sell contact professional Brookfield IL real estate agent Agnes Halmon today!

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