Knowing When to Upgrade That Master Bath

when to remodel your bathroom by brookfield il real estate agent

Signs a Bathroom Needs a Change | Brookfield IL Realtor

when to remodel your bathroom by brookfield il real estate agentMost would agree that one time for upgrades is when the time comes to prepare your home for the real estate market. It is important to present your home at its best to potential buyers. However, this isn’t the only time to get that master bathroom in better shape. Here are a few indicators that the time has come to upgrade the bathroom from professional Brookfield IL Realtor Agnes Halmon.


One sign that it is time for a master bath upgrade is if the color is outdated or the paint is in poor condition. Colors that were trending at the time you purchased your home are likely different than today. It is a relatively inexpensive endeavor to repaint and beneficial especially if you are intending to put your home on the market. Helping sellers prepare their homes for the market is a prime service as a Brookfield IL real estate agent. In the case that the sun has made the paint in your bathroom fade, repainting is a good call as well.


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Another indicator that it’s time to upgrade is if the various functions of the bathroom are failing. For example,  if you find leaks from the fixtures it might be time for some changes. Check the faucet, pipes below the sink, and the showerhead. You might also notice that despite cleaning efforts, certain odors don’t seem to go away. Replacing the wax seal on the toilet might be a good idea. In the case that there is mold, do a deep clean and install a more effective fan if possible. One observation as a Brookfield IL Realtor is that the bathroom is popular among buyers making these upgrades a good choice before selling.

Space and Light

In the case that the lighting in the master bathroom is less that great you might want to upgrade. Are they dated? Are they too bright? White is great for the bathroom as it gives the impression of more space. However, you don’t want to feel like you are in a hospital either. One last sign its time to upgrade is if you find that there just isn’t enough space for essential bathroom items. There are a number of space-saving solutions that can help you out. Space is also a sought after feature in a home.

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For more information on everything real estate or for help selling your home contact Brookfield IL real estate agent Agnes Halmon.

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