Tips for First Time Sellers

tips for first time home sellers by brookfield il real estate agent

Brookfield IL Realtor Advice for First-Time Sellers

tips for first time home sellers by brookfield il real estate agentDoing almost anything for the first time is likely to bring a certain amount of stress. This might seem like a bad thing, however, some stress can work in your favor if it provides focus and determination. Nonetheless, the process of selling your home for the first time will be made easier with a few solid principles. Take advantage of some home selling tips from experienced Brookfield IL real estate agent Agnes Halmon.

Speed Matters

When selling your home in our day and age it is important to move quickly at certain times. Once your make any needed repairs to your home, complete renovations, declutter, and stage it well, the time will come to take pictures and list your property. As a good real estate agent in Brookfield IL, it is important to ensure that your home is represented well on many online platforms. Once this is accomplished things can move quickly. Be ready for offers and plan your responses. Decide beforehand how low you will go and what contingencies you will agree to. After an offer gets approved, there is only so much time until closing. For help selling your home contact Brookfield IL Realtor Agnes Halmon.

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Prepare Well

One thing you do not want to do is allow your home to be listed on the market for an extended period of time. This means that preparation is very important. A quality Brookfield IL real estate agent will walk you step by step to get your home ready for sale. This will include recommendations regarding renovations, financial discussions, help identifying areas that need maintenance, clearing out unnecessary items in the home, staging for maximum impression, and other steps. If your home is prepared well, the first impressions of buyers will be the best that they can be. This means that the chances of getting an offer within a small amount of time of the home being on the market are good.

Choose a Good Agent and Agency

Perhaps one of the biggest factor when selling your home for the first time is the quality of your real estate agent. Do they understand the local market? Will they do the research to price your home right? Do they understand your goals and motivation for selling your home? Are they understanding? Do they have the expertise needed for negotiations and closing? Along with a good agent, it is also good to consider the type of agency they are associated with. Brand does matter in our world. As a Brookfield real estate agent with Coldwell Banker, it is good to be able to be proud of the status that this agency has. Buyers recognize a quality brand and it adds to the credibility of the home. For more help selling your home contact Brookfield IL REALTOR Agnes Halmon today!

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