Be Prepared To Move

moving tips from brookfield il real estate agent

Getting Ready to Move with Brookfield IL Real Estate Agent

moving tips from brookfield il real estate agentIn many cases, moving day is less than exciting. Perhaps the best part is when everything is transferred over and you can start the process of building your new home and lifestyle. To make it to that silver lining, here are a few tips on making that move efficient from professional Brookfield IL REALTOR Agnes Halmon.

Plan Prepare and Perform

One thing that will save much time and many headaches is planning well. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for your move. Plot out the major tasks that need to be done and how much time they will take. Develop a system of organizing your possessions. Purchase enough boxes, and create a budget for the moving costs. Give yourself some grace as there are many things to remember during a transition. Allow for the unexpected in your plan and treat it as a guide. Yet, make one that is detailed nonetheless. Helping both buyers and sellers as a real estate agent in Brookfield IL means helping them to plan well.

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Packaging Materials

Get some good moving boxes. These are still the best to use in a move. You can get some used ones from grocery stores, but it is often worth it to just buy some new ones from a storage unit or online resource. Quality boxes will make it easier to organize your items and fit them into a moving truck. Try to find a moving dolly and/or cart as well. Use good tools to spare yourself from having to exert yourself physically. When putting your items in boxes, make sure to use quality packaging tape and some sort of bubble wrap or foam. One observation as a real estate agent in Brookfield IL is that it’s no fun to open up your boxes in your new home to find broken dishes.

Play It Safe

When moving furniture and boxes you are performing tasks that you don’t typically do. This means that errors are possible. Take the time to think through safety concerns. Wear close-toed shoes or boots. Utilize gloves to protect your hands and give you a better grip. There is also various types of equipment you can use for support, like a back belt. Thinking through details like these is one aspect of serving as a Brookfield IL Realtor.

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Ask for Help

One last tip for moving is to ask for help from family and friends. For some decent pizza, you may be able to make your move in a single day. Many hands make for light work. This can even be a fun experience filled with memories. People enjoy coming together to work towards a noble cause. Helping one another gives us a sense of purpose and community. For more information on everything real estate or for help with your next transition contact Brookfield IL real estate agent Agnes Halmon today!

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