Add Some Creativity to Your Kitchen

Add Some Creativity to Your Kitchen

riverside il tips on creativity in the kitchen

Ideas for Creativity in the Kitchen by Riverside IL Realtor

riverside il tips on creativity in the kitchen

The kitchen is arguably the most valued room by potential buyers. It is one of the rooms where people tend to spend the most time. As buyers visit your home, they will no doubt be thinking through the benefits that your kitchen has to offer. Consider some of these inexpensive ways to improve your kitchen from Riverside IL real estate agent Agnes Halmon before putting your house on the market.

Fresh Paint

Adding a new coat of paint in your kitchen can do wonders. Consider making this a creative effort by painting half of the cabinets. The idea is to add contrast in the room. For a modern look, contrast black and white and replace old fixtures with metal ones. Use the darker color on the lower cabinets and lighter color on the upper ones. This draws the eyes upward and gives the room a more spacious look. For neutral colors, use a light gray, sage green, or even a blue. As a real estate agent in Riverside IL, helping sellers get the most for their home includes varied preparations.

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That Rustic Look

This style has been around for awhile and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. And no wonder as the rustic look makes one feel at home in the kitchen. Achieve this style with barnwood décor or by hanging vintage copper pots. Antique kitchen items are great for this feel. As a Riverside IL REALTOR preparing homes for buyers, understanding current trends is important. By appealing to a large percentage of buyers, homes get sold in a way that helps both buyers and sellers.

Storage and Functionality

Style and décor is not the only appeal of the kitchen. Functionality also tops the list. Upgrade your kitchen by adding unique storage. Put up some rustic shelves. Maybe include a hanging tea set. If you don’t have enough cabinet space, make some. If you can afford it, have these built for you using a contemporary style. There are also a number of tech savvy upgrades you can make like soft close cabinets or touch free faucets.

Something Old and Something New

One simple way to upgrade your kitchen in preparation for the market is to get new dishes. Go with simple white and fill the cabinets only half full. This will give the appearance of space and add appeal as it conveys simplicity. New glass cabinets will further display space and a bit of elegance. If your refrigerator is looking a little shabby, you might put some chalkboard paint on it. This is a creative and functional improvement. Young families might appreciate being able to watch their kids while they cook. For more creative ideas to prepare your house for sale, contact Riverside IL real estate agent Agnes Halmon today!

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