A House in Order: 5 Tips for Outdoor Curb Appeal in 2017 

A House in Order: 5 Tips for Outdoor Curb Appeal in 2017 

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Source: A House in Order: 5 Tips for Outdoor Curb Appeal in 2017 – Realty Times

A nicely manicured house and yard.

When it comes to real estate, first impressions are critical. When you’re planning to sell, you want to increase property value. Curb appeal is absolutely critical. Your yards, front doors, sidewalk, driveway, fences, bushes and pretty much anything a potential buyer can see from the street has to have that “wow” factor. If you’ve been looking at your exteriors and feeling they’re not up to par, go over our five tips for outdoor curb appeal in 2017.

Would You Buy Your Own House?

Look at your house as if you were seeing it for the first time. Take notes and pictures. Look at everything with the critical eye of a buyer or realtor. Recall the reasons you originally fell for the property and determine if those attributes still apply. Get in the car and circle around slowly and decide if passersby would be impressed.

Review the Details

Shiny new house numbers or names on the mailbox are a lot more impressive than you’d imagine. People look at them and imagine their own names in such fashion. The same applies to knockers and doorknobs. When these elements are dingy and dirty, they lessen curb appeal.

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Keep It Clean

Pressure washing decks, siding, drive and walk ways, and other exterior elements is a cost effective way to make your home shine. Nothing hurts more than dirt, smudges and fading. If you don’t own a pressure washer, rent one from the local home improvement store.

Open Her Up

One thing that truly enhances curb appeal is expanding the home’s sense of comfort by opening shutters, blinds and curtains. If the home is bright inside, the entire house has a better appearance from the street. When reviewing the house, look at the window treatments. See if you have a uniform look throughout. Aim for a similar look on each floor or side of the house.

Add Lights to the Environment

Give walkways, lawns and other areas a fresh perspective with light fixtures. Solar lights are affordable and easy to install. Use them to highlight walking paths, stairs or other aspects. They will draw the eye of buyers and give the entire property a nice edge.

Trust when it’s time sell, curb appeal matters. If you’re interested in updating, take your pictures and notes and talk with a specialist at your home improvement store.

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