3 Tips For A Good Listing

listing tips from brookfield il realtor

Creating a Good Listing with Brookfield Illinois Realtor

listing tips from brookfield il realtor

When it comes to marketing a property one critical step is creating an online presence that is engaging. This means capturing the best of the home with quality photography, knowing which features to highlight, and creating a listing that will engage potential buyers. The expertise of a qualified real estate agent can help with each of these aspects of selling a home. Professional Brookfield IL Realtor Agnes Halmon offers a few tips on writing a listing that will attract buyers.

Know Your Audience

When describing your home it is natural to think about all the things that you love about your home. However, the starting point should be the buyer when writing a good listing. It is important to have a working knowledge of what current buyers in your area are looking for in a home. This means being up on real estate trends. Focusing on your newly remodeled bathroom may not be as engaging as highlighting your open floor plan, for example. Your listing has limited space and the amount of time you get to engage buyers that are looking at multiple properties online each day is also limited. When you highlight features they are looking for the chances of getting their attention significantly increases.

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Emphasize Number One

What is the primary feature of your home? When compared to other homes in your neighborhood, what makes your stand out? This will likely be your top selling point. Make sure that this is emphasized right off the bat. If you think about how people receive information these days it makes sense to have one main point you want to get across. Buyers may not have time to read through your whole listing between meetings while at work. However, if you can get your top feature across they may circle back later to inquire more.

Keep the Goal in Mind

The objective of a listing is not to describe the property in its entirety. The goal is to give an accurate picture of your home and engage buyers. Therefore, it is not best to try to include every detail that you can think of. Highlight the most attractive features, keep it short, and use bullet points. It is advisable to use professional real estate photography as well. Think from the perspective of the buyer. They are looking for certain traits, a good price, and will be envisioning their lives in the home.

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