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Brookfield IL Real Estate Agent Agnes Halmon

Why should you pick Agnes Halmon to sell your Brookfield Il home?  What makes Agnes different?

In 2015 it was estimated that there about 2,000,000 REALTORS, so no matter where you live or where you want to live, there are plenty of real estate agents to choose from.  So why should you choose Agnes?  What makes her different?

Here are 7 reasons to choose Agnes Halmon for all of your Brookfield Il real estate needs:

  1. Experience: Knowing how long your agent has been in business and how many homes they have sold is important for you to know.  What is the difference between the list price to their sold price?  This will tell you how accurately they can price a home from the get-go and can let you know how well they know their local market.  And, while pricing is one of the most important aspects of home sales, it’s not the only factor.Agnes’ Experience:
    1. CSC – Certified Staging Consultant
    2. President’s Circle Elite Award
    3. Regional Rookie of the Year 2009 – Rising Star Award
    4. Part of an elite Relocation Network.  Agnes can help buyers and sellers get real estate help in areas outside of the areas she works.
  2. Effective Communication: There is nothing worse than signing on with a Brookfield Il real estate agent only to have them disappear into the abyss, never to be heard from again.  Before signing on, make sure to ask about the agent’s plan to keep in contact with you.  Will they be using email, phone, text, or all of the above?  How often should you expect to hear from them?  Be sure to have realistic expectations and communicate them to your agent from the on-set.An agent’s communication is important, not only to you as the home seller, but also to all of the other parties involved in a real estate transaction.  Your Brookfield Il real estate agent should be able to effectively communicate with the buyer’s real estate agent, the title company, the attorneys, inspectors, mortgage officer, etc…  To have a good experience you’ll need everyone working together in unison.
  3. Negotiation Skills: When it comes to Brookfield Il real estate, there will be negotiations.  Your Brookfield Il real estate agent must be equipped to handle negotiations that will benefit you as the home seller.  Whether a buyer submits a lowball offer, the buyer requests repairs or credits because of the inspection, or any requests from the buyer that result in a reduced profit for you, the seller, you want a real estate agent that can negotiate on your behalf and look out for your best interests.
  4. Home Presentation: The way your home shows will affect it’s selling price.  The better your house is presented, the higher the offers will be from prospective buyers.  Your home’s price should be based upon your agent’s knowledge of your local real estate market.  After that, your agent should be able to make recommendations to you concerning what needs to be repaired or updated, staging, cleaning, etc…After your home is looking spick and span, it’ll be ready for photos.  Your Brookfield Il REALTOR will know what features need to be highlighted and which to be avoided.  Since the internet is likely the first place potential buyers will see your home, you’ll want professional images.  Your agent will make sure that your home is included on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and then included on all of the major real estate data aggregators, such as Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.
  5. Professional Real Estate Marketing: Selling real estate is a tough business.  You’ll want a qualified real estate marketer like Agnes Halmon, Brookfield Il real estate agent, by your side.In today’s real estate market, the first place people shop for Brookfield Il real estate is online.  According to Google and the NAR (National Association of Realtors), 90% of homebuyers begin their home search online.  This means your agent will need a comprehensive marketing plan that includes both traditional marketing avenues and online house marketing.  Does your agent have an online presence such as a website, a blog, social media exposure, and are they incorporating SEO (Search Engine Optimization?)
  6. Local Real Estate Market Maven: The real estate market is always in a constant state of flux.  It’s important that your Brookfield Il real estate agent have their finger on the pulse of the local market.  What are the current fluctuations?  What are the market trends?  Are home sale prices increasing, decreasing, or are they stable?  Which neighborhoods are popular?  How is the local inventory and what does that mean for you?  How long are typical homes in your area on the market before they sell?  The list goes on and on.  Does your Brookfield Il real estate agent have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to answer all of these questions and more?  Agnes Halmon does.
  7. Trustworthy: You could be spending a lot of time with your Brookfield Il REALTOR.  It’s necessary that they’re trustworthy and that you get along.  Does your agent conduct herself with a set of principles that show integrity, hard work, and determination?  The decision to sell your Brookfield Il home can be one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.  Having someone that you can trust is important and can instill a feeling of calm throughout the sales process.  Check out your agent’s online reviews.  These reviews can be a great place to see how trustworthy your agent is.  Here’s a link to Agnes Halmon’s reviews:

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Whether buying or selling a home, you want a REALTOR that you can trust.  Agnes Halmon is your smart choice for a real estate agent in Brookfield Il and all of it’s surrounding communities.  Contact Agnes today!